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Jesse Shapiro & James Glass Corp. proudly serves all of Manhattan and the Bronx for all of your window needs. Specializing in wood and aluminum window replacements and Double Pane/Single Pane Glass Repair. Whether your insulated units need to be replaced or the entire window itself, we've got you covered.

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Failed Seal--As you can see in the below picture on the left, a failed seal between the two panes of glass is creating a foggy like build up in between the glass that cannot be cleaned.

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Does your window constantly fog? Is it cloudy, hard to see through? Don't worry, Shapiro Glass can help!

When an insulated glass seal fails, the most common sign is condensation, or dirty / hazy glass within the window.
Through time, moist air begins to fill the space between the two formerly-sealed pieces of glass and given a change in temperature, you begin to see evidence of a failed seal. This starts out as condensation between the two panes of glass.